traditional tastes

Opened in 1942 by Vic Buckley, Vic's Café enjoyed considerable success thanks to the establishment of Camp Roberts in 1941, one of the largest military bases in the world at the time. However, the local economy in Paso changed and Vic's Café was the only eatery left in their area of town when Buckley passed away in 1972.

Larry and Jan Eastwood bought the Café from Lorna Buckley in 1973 and decided to keep the restaurant's well-known and respected name. The demand for Larry's cooking and Jan's baking required the couple to move Vic's Café to their current location.

In 2007 Larry and Jan's daughter, Cheri, graduated from the San Francisco Culinary Academy. After earning her degree, she returned, with an appreciation of regional foods, to work at the restaurant that shaped her childhood. Cheri's culinary expertise have brought a new level of sophistication to the restaurant's dinner menu, while still maintaining the traditional tastes that made her parents so successful.