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Vic's Café has been a part of the Paso Robles community since Vic Buckley opened it in 1942. In 1973 Larry and Jan Eastwood purchased the business from Lorna Buckley and decided to maintain the well-known and respected name. Larry's down-home cooking and Jan's famous desserts have cemented Vic's Café at the top of Paso Robles' most authentic and historic eateries.

In 2007, Larry and Jan's daughter, Cheri, graduated from the San Francisco Culinary Academy and came back to her home-town with a well-earned, and soulful appreciation of both local and regional cuisine. With her comes the joy and local pride of Vic Buckley's beginnings, Larry and Jan's legacy, and the anticipation of Vic's Café's bright culinary future.

Classic home-style catering the way it was always supposed to be is the foundation of Vic's Café. With respect for it's past, gratitude for it's present, and a vision for it's future, Vic's Café invites you to experience everything the locals have known for years...

"It's our history that's shaping our future. The food and company we enjoy is the bridge spanning both points, comforting us and making our journey as a community full of pleasure."

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